New reading, new reviews on the way

I’ve decided that a couple of things that I’ve recently read and heard deserve a good review.  I eventually hope to put up somewhat in-depth reviews of Anthony T. Kronman’s book Education’s End, an actual review of Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Experiments in Ethics, and The Dead Science’s latest album Villainaire.  If I get enough time […]

Ethics, situations, and the like

I’ve finished preparing my “summary” of Kwame Anthony Appiah‘s Experiments in Ethics.  I ended up deviating a bit too much to call my work a real summary, but I think many of the points will make for useful discussion.  A lot of material has been intentionally left out, particularly after the situational examples illustrated, because […]

Beginning work on ethics, psychology, and situations

I’ve begun constructing a brief summary of Kwame Anthony Appiah‘s Experiments in Ethics for next week’s philosophy club meeting.  I intend to focus on three main concepts, beginning with the assumption of virtue ethics, moving through the challenges of situationist ethics, and ultimately applying a hybrid of those two concerns to the situations provided by […]

Book Review: The Climbing Handbook by Steve Long

Please forgive my first ever attempt at a book review; this review is for Steve Long’s The Climbing Handbook [Firefly Books, 2007]. As a disclaimer to this review, I ought to mention that Steve Long’s book is the first I’ve read on the subject of rock climbing, and I am an extremely callow climber. That […]

je commence…

In the spirit of attempting to move the first selections of impediment into what I pray is my once-and-for-all internet home (after having hosted my content on slyink, blogger, wordpress, and many other web pages), I wish to commence posting on this new journal with a statement of current purpose*. My intention is to utilize […]