This journal is run by Jackson Murtha.

About Objectively True (dot) com

ObjectivelyTrue.com is, despite the rather bold title, not an exercise in hubris insofar as I expect that my ideas represent some magical platonic ideal; it is not a claim to access either a revelatory correspondence to an objectively true reality, nor is it an attempt to indicate my own superiority with respect to knowledge of verifiable facts (or a truth-making process).

Rather, these pages are my try at partially implementing two goals:

  1. First, and primarily, an organization of my own thoughts, questions, intellectual struggles, interests, feelings, and writings.  After scribbling thousands of ideas and questions on scraps of paper or placing them in random computer files, I have come to feel that I forget many of my once salient thoughts or questions.  Additionally, I mean to develop, over time, a sense of the sort of progression towards which my thoughts may move.
  2. Secondly (and secondly only because the actualization of this goal is much less likely than that of the first), I hope to be enlightened by the participation of others who might happen upon my quaint attempts at intellectual discourse.

About Jackson Murtha

I am interested primarily in philosophy, language, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, software development, and underground music.

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  1. And here I thought that when you put your e-mail as @objectivelytrue.com that you were pulling my leg…

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