“American Philosopher”, part 1

  There are a couple of nice little nuggets I’d like to pull out of this second video of American Philosopher.  First, I was excited to see the late John E. Smith join the video as an interviewee, though he seemed not to be mentioned in the teaser.  Smith was a great distiller of good […]

Music review: “The Happiness Project” by Charles Spearin

In the event that you happen to be reading this review in order to decide whether or not to purchase Charles Spearin’s record The Happiness Project, I will attempt to make that decision easier for you.  If you enjoy music which inspires some basic level of reflective thought, and you are not afraid to step […]

Book Review: The Climbing Handbook by Steve Long

Please forgive my first ever attempt at a book review; this review is for Steve Long’s The Climbing Handbook [Firefly Books, 2007]. As a disclaimer to this review, I ought to mention that Steve Long’s book is the first I’ve read on the subject of rock climbing, and I am an extremely callow climber. That […]